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User Guide

Learn to participate with us

1. Go to “Signup”
2. Enter your unique username, email address and preferred password
3. If you are introduced by someone, you may enter their username under referral
4. Click “Create Account” and your account will be ready for usage
1. Go to “Login” and enter your login information
2. Go to any of our participating merchant to spend
3. Scan to make payment using Speding Credit and Huats point
4. Verify your order details
5. Once you are done, enter your password and click “pay now” to complete your payment
* do ensure you have sufficient SC or HP before you make your purchase
1. In your login account, go to “Asset”
2. Under “Asset Management” choose the “Collect Points”
3. Scan the QR Code by the Merchant to collect points
4. After entering your password, click on “Collect”
* Spending rate will be updated frequently in the portal